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In view of the news about the coronavirus, the Society have cancelled the next three lectures in March, April and May.  We hope that after three months we may have some idea of what the future holds regarding getting together again. The outing to the Royal Opera House will, we hope, take place in the autumn.

Julia Fulton


The March Newsletter is available on this website Click Here


Visit some of the world's greatest museums and galleries from your own living room.  Here are some suggested links.

The following section suggests some on-line links to many websites that might interest members of the Society with a little time to spare.  We will be adding to the list during this difficult period and if anyone can add to it please contact us with any suggestions.

1. The Guardian newspaper has recently written an article on Virtual Art Galleries with links to the various websites.  Click Here .

2.  Another article that links you to tours of many of the world's museums.  This time it is Time Out.  Click Here 

3.  Some of sites above are part of Google Art and Culture.  This site contains links to other interesting places with commentaries and interactive screens.  Click Here

4. National Theatre At Home will see a different NT Live film streamed on YouTube for free every Thursday from 2nd April for the next two months, with each stream available on demand for the next seven days.  For more information as it is released Click Here

5.  Eazel.  This is a very large, sprawling American website.  You have to sign up, but this is free.  The Eazel statement is "Eazel is composed of members that are deeply infatuated with and enthusiastic about art, and with the use of technology, we are making a platform where anyone who loves art can enjoy it, equally."  It is a bit confusing but just click around the site and you will see all sorts of mostly modern art with some explanations.  Click here.


At present, all Lectures and outings are cancelled or postponed.

The Arts Society and the RBA Exhibitions.

The Arts Society invited schools to select 'A' level (year 13), Highers or equivalent, work for consideration by the Royal Society of British Artists to display in their 2019 exhibitions at the Royal Over-Seas League and the Mall Galleries, London. We are delighted to announce that 3 paintings from Presdales School have been selected.  Click here to see the winning paintings.